Our province, Sindh, has remained the cradle of the Indus civilization and has been the economic hub of Pakistan since inception in 1947. Cities of Sindh maintain their prominence as centers of trade and enterprise owing to a thriving industrial base, abundant natural resources, well-developed infrastructure, competitive human resource, access to two seaports, sophisticated communication network, modern financial and services sectors and investment friendlypolicies. These factors contribute to the promise of Sindh, a promise of growth and prosperity through investments and business, especially in the Agriculture value chain.


To support entrepreneurship development based on Sindh’s Competitive advantage.


To introduce technology and bring value addition in non-conventional yet vital sectors of the economy by extending technical and financial assistance.

With a vision to encourage investment in the Agro-sector, Government of Sindh envisaged the Sindh Enterprise Development Fund (SEDF) which is focused on both on-farm and off-farm activities and endeavors to facilitate efficient production, processing and market linkages for wider economic gains in the Agriculture sector. The purpose of SEDF is to render technical & financial support and provide opportunities for value addition in the Agriculture sector for multiple economic benefits on intermediary services and productivity.

Our organization aims to foster economic development, create job opportunities and alleviate poverty by supporting stakeholders in the Agribusiness in rural and urban areas of Sindh. This endeavor is to enhance Agricultural practices, enhance productivity, boost product value and inculcate value addition.


  • Agro Processing
  • Dairy & Livestock Farming
  • Poultry Farming
  • Fisheries
  • Horticulture & Floriculture
  • Storage & Cold Chain
  • Mining & Processing of Minerals
  • Energy (use of Solar, Bio-gas & Wind Energy)


  • Assistance in preparing feasibilities
  • Assistance in obtaining loan from banks
  • Preparation of SEDF’s Application


  • Payment of interest (KIBOR)
  • 100% on capital cost
  • 50% on working capital