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About Investment Department

Investment Department is established with broad-based responsibility of promotion of investment in all sectors of the economy; facilitation of local and foreign investors for speedy materialization of their projects and to enhance Sindh’s international competitiveness and contribute to economic and social development.


Investment Department assists companies and investors who intend to invest in Sindh as well as facilitates the implementation and operation of their projects. The wide range of services provided by Investment Department includes providing information on the opportunities for investment and facilitating companies that are looking for joint venture partners. Investment Department acts as a focal point of contact for prospective investors, both domestic and foreign to provide all necessary information and assistance in coordinating with other Government Departments/Agencies.

Investment Department Vision

To develop and create investment friendly environment to boost economic activity and add value to all sectors of economy while encouraging public private partnership for development of Sindh.

Investment Department Objectives

Investment Department Objectives:
  • Make Sindh a regional hub for investments, business and commercial opportunities
  • Strengthen the business environment
  • Act as a principal investment agency in Sindh to facilitate new and existing investors
  • Create synergy in economic activity through public / private sector 
  • Opportunities for small, medium and large investors
  • Add value in agri-based industries such as livestock, dairy, fisheries and invite investments in tourism, housing, mining, energy and other areas  
  • Identify infrastructure needs and develop them
  • Formulate provincial framework and implement investment policy for the government of Sindh
  • Advise stakeholders on laws and systems relating to industrial and business sectors

Investment Department Organization Structure

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